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Bellmoor House Plaque

Above: A hard plaque to read. This image has already been enhanced in an attempt to make the lettering stand out. Beside East Heath Road, at its highest point in Hampstead, near the junction with Heath Street is a large … Continue reading

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Constable, John at Hampstead

Above: A painting of Hampstead, c1820, Heath by John Constable. People often comment on a famous person in history and say ‘It would be fascinating to see what the place looked like when he was alive.’ In the case of … Continue reading

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Jack Straw’s Castle

Above: The view was taken when the building was in use as a pub. Jack Straw’s Castle is not a castle. It used to be a large pub which has, unfortunately, long since closed down for serving drinks. It is … Continue reading

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Fleet, River at Hampstead

Above: One of the many ponds at Hampstead. There is no shortage of water at Hampstead. There were, of course, the Hampstead Wells which derived from springs in the ground. If you look at a map of Hampstead Heath and … Continue reading

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Church Row, Hampstead

Above: Looking along Church Row towards the parish church of St John. There are certain streets in Inner London that just do not seem to change. One of them is Church Row in Hampstead. It is the charming street that … Continue reading

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Fenton House

Above: The front of Fenton House. The house was built in 1693, designed by William Eades. It is a fine example of William and Mary architecture. It is a detached house with a walled garden, which is large by London … Continue reading

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Hampstead Wells

Above: Site of the original well. The plaque reads ‘To the memory of the Honourable Susanna Noel who with her son Baptist, third Earl of Gainsborough, gave this well together with six acres of land to the use and benefit … Continue reading

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