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Wells Fargo, 33 King William Street

Above: A Wells Fargo coach on show in the window of the new premises. If you grew up in a house that had black and white television, you probably watched the many ‘cowboys and Indians’ films on ‘the box’. They … Continue reading

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Beaver Weathervane in Bishopsgate

Above: Once to be seen with the sky behind it, the cupula and beaver-weathervane are now surrounded by high-rise offices. The view was taken using a zoom lens from Bishopsgate while standing outside the entrance to Liverpool Street Station. Although, until … Continue reading

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St Mary at Hill (Church)

Above: Looking north at the western end of the church in Lovat Lane, which includes its tower. The title says ‘St Mary at Hill (Church)’ because there is also a street with exactly the same name that we will call ‘St … Continue reading

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Coal Exchange

Above: A picture made of the Coal Exchange in 1849, the year it was opened. Coal had been imported to London by sea since at least medieval times. As times moved on into the 19th century, it is hard to … Continue reading

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London Bridge in 1891

“London in 1891” This view of London Bridge looks towards the City of London from a point beside the edge of the pavement on the west side of the bridge. Whether the artist sat at the southern end of the … Continue reading

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Monument in 1891

“London in 1891” This is an easy location to identify but the view today has also undergone drastic changes. The position of the artist, when he drew the picture was on the east corner of Gracechurch Street where it joins … Continue reading

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Billingsgate Dock

Above: A small part of a map of 1754 showing the position of Billingsgate Dock to London Bridge. In telling the history of this location, it might be best if we start with the name ‘Billingsgate’ before moving on to … Continue reading

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