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Bishopsgate, 22 from Threadneedle Street

Above: Looking almost northeast from near the Bank of England in Threadneedle Street at 22 Bishopsgate (Click image to enlarge to 1024×640). Something we will all have to get used to is the fact that buildings in the City of … Continue reading

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Leadenhall Market in 1891

(Click on image to enlarge to 800×1100). “London in 1891” The artist William Loftie (1838-1911) was born in Ireland but he lived most of his life in England and also in London. He had a keen interest in London, writing … Continue reading

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St Gabriel Fenchurch

Above: St Gabriel’s churchyard – now called Fen Court Garden – surrounded by modern offices on the north side of Fenchurch Street. The little church of St Gabriel stood in the middle of the roadway in Fenchurch Street. If we … Continue reading

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Above: A small fragment of a decorative fresco found on the site of the second Forum. The fragment once adorned a wall of a house owned by a wealthy Roman who lived near the first Forum in Londinium. The hand-painted … Continue reading

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Above: The base of one of the ‘piers’ from the Basilica. It is still in situ below ground, under Leadenhall Market. If your Latin is a bit shaky – or possibly non-existent – it might be a good idea to … Continue reading

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Turkish Baths, Bishopsgate

Above: Looking west (towards Old Broad Street) at the building which is now used as a functions venue. The ‘star and crescent’ is just visible above the onion-shaped cupula. There was a time when the wealthy men of London – … Continue reading

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St Ethelburga the Virgin

Above: View of the restored church. Its ‘new neighbour’ on the left is an overbearing office block called ‘100 Bishopsgate’ – completed in 2019. Bishopsgate (Street) certainly has some interesting churches standing beside it or nearby. One is the church … Continue reading

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