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Gracechurch Street

Above: Looking north along Gracechurch Street from the southern end. The history of Gracechurch Street is actually related to the construction of a bridge across the Thames by the Romans, to connect Londinium (on the north bank) with the southern … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Bishopsgate

Above: Looking west in the gardens to the south of St Botolph Without Bishopsgate. The tennis courts in the distance are beside a yellow-brick wall. That wall is on the south side of where the Roman Wall once stood. This … Continue reading

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Bishopsgate (Gate)

Above: A large bronze mitre on the west side of Bishopsgate (Street) marks the site of the original gatehouse. If you are wondering why ‘(Gate)’ has been added to the title, it is to clarify the name. The name ‘Bishopsgate’ … Continue reading

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Bishopsgate (Street)

Above: Looking north in Bishopsgate (Street) near the eastern entrance to Liverpool Street Station. Notice how the modern buildings tower over the older Victorian offices. We will start first by explaining the title. The name ‘Bishopsgate’ applies to a street … Continue reading

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Bishopsgate and Lime Street Overview

Above: Outline map of the City of London. Today’s land is indicated in PINK. The old pre-2003 ward boundaries for the area of study are shown with a RED outline on the modern Google street map (Click on image to … Continue reading

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Fenchurch Street, 20

Above: The office block viewed from East Smithfield. This large office block is the ‘new kid on the block’. Its name is ’20 Fenchurch Street’ because – er, let me think – it stands at 20 Fenchurch Street. Its entrance … Continue reading

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Perceval (Public Art)

Above: The large piece of public art on show in Cullum Street. In a quaint back street in the City of London is one of the pieces of public art that makes up the 2018-19 season. Each year the City … Continue reading

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Leadenhall Building (Cheesegrater)

Above: Looking west in 2018 at a surprisingly traffic-free Leadenhall Street. The Leadenhall Building (with the sloping side) stands on the north side of Leadenhall Street, at the junction with St Mary Axe (Street). To the right can be seen … Continue reading

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St Mary Axe (Street)

Above: The current street nameplate. If you are wondering why the title shows the word ‘Street’ in brackets, it is because there is a street called ‘St Mary Axe’ which was so-named because there was a church standing in the … Continue reading

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Liverpool Street Station in 1938

Above: Painting by Grace Golden in 1938 entitled ‘Catching the 5.15’. Do you remember Liverpool Street Station before the 1990s? It was probably one of the ugliest station concourses in London. The station opened in 1874 and, while its architecture … Continue reading

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