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St Paul’s from Watling Street

Above: Looking west in Watling Street with St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. Watling Street is one of the narrow thoroughfares that probably goes back to the original 9th century Saxon street plan of the City. Watling Street originally aligned … Continue reading

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Oxford Arms, Warwick Lane

Above: Photograph recording some of the features of the inn shortly before it was to be demolished. Copyright image. Consideration of Coaching Inns The Oxford Arms in Warwick Lane, near St Paul’s Cathedral, was one of the last surviving galleried … Continue reading

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Viking Grave Marker

Above: Viking grave marker found near St Paul’s Cathedral. Any history book about the City of London will explain that the Vikings attacked the east coast of Britain and, with time, they occupied parts of London. The name ‘Viking’ is … Continue reading

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Ludgate Hill on a Snowy Day

“London in 1891” William John Loftie was quite a prolific writer of books on London. Some of them carried illustrations drawn by William Luker (Junior). One of Luker’s drawings is shown at the top of this article. It is taken … Continue reading

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Black Friar Pub

Above: The pub, standing by itself in August 2000. You don’t have to be a ‘hardened drinker’ to enjoy a good pub. As well as non alcoholic beers there are also soft drinks and even coffee being sold as alternatives. … Continue reading

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St Benet, Paul’s Wharf

Above: The unusual sight of an open view of the church, in June 1971. This was not due to bomb damage but clearance of the site in order to build a new access road and erect a large office block. … Continue reading

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Baynard’s Castle

Above: A rather fanciful colour depiction of Baynard’s Castle probably made in the late 1700s. It is attractive, which is why it is shown here. It is probably based on an earlier more accurate (but less visually interesting) drawing. The … Continue reading

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Puddle Dock

Above: The old dock from a picture in ‘Wonderful London’ (Vol 1, p146), edited by St John Adcock and published about 1926. – Upper Thames Street – We start our journey along Upper Thames Street at its western end and … Continue reading

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Blackfriars Station Place Names

Above: The large stone ‘wall’ inscribed with destinations of English and Continental destinations. At one time the name Blackfriars Station referred to a railway terminus on the south side of the Thames, built over the western end of Bankside (Street), … Continue reading

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City of London (Year 5)

Above: Map showing the original ward boundaries in the City of London with the four wards being studied this term being named. We are following the schedule of lectures – spanning a period of six years. We are in ‘Year … Continue reading

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