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Salters’ Hall

Above: The modern hall which stands on the south side of Fore Street. Man’s need for salt goes back centuries. It is estimated that salt was being obtained from salt-mines around 5000 BC. The Romans used salt and the Latin … Continue reading

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Elsing Spital

Above: Looking east at the restored ruins in the new gardens on the north side of the thoroughfare called London Wall. It was founded as a hospital beside the street called London Wall in 1331 by a merchant (Mercer) called … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Cripplegate

Above: Roman Wall still standing but set into new gardens – between Fore Street and the street called London Wall in 2018. It is a short distance east of the site of Cripplegate. The red bricks on top of the … Continue reading

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London Wall Place High Walk

Above: Looking east on the north side of the street called London Wall. The new open space at London Wall Place has new walkways above it and provides an attractive setting for the old ruins of Elsing Spital. London Wall … Continue reading

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Shakespeare at Silver Street

Above: City Plaque on the low retaining wall of the churchyard of St Olave, Silver Street. You may already be aware that the evidence for William Shakespeare’s life is remarkably small. For someone so famous you would think that every … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s Plays

Above: Front page of the First Folio. William Shakespeare (born 23 April 1564) died on his birthday in 1616. This year, therefore, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of his death. As far as we know, Shakespeare’s life was a busy … Continue reading

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Swan with Two Necks Inn, Lad Lane

Above: A print (probably dating from some time in the 1820s) showing the large yard of the inn. The coach office is to the left with a board outside, advertising the services. Nearby is a coachman, with a whip in … Continue reading

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