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Victoria Embankment Dragons

Above: One of a pair of dragons making the entrance into the City on the Victoria Embankment. The 23rd of April is St George’s Day and in recognition of that fact, we shall talk about two special dragon figures in … Continue reading

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Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Above: Pub sign and street entrance to the Punch Tavern. Wherever there are newspaper reporters you will find that there is pub or a bar not far away. Fleet Street was for many decades the centre of the London newspapers … Continue reading

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Child’s Bank, Fleet Street

Above: The front of the bank in Fleet Street. One of the earliest banks in London is Child’s, which continues its business in Fleet Street to this day. It claims to have origins going back to the 16th century, possibly … Continue reading

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Peterborough Inn

Above: The name of Peterborough Court, inscribed on the stonework of the old Daily Telegraph building. The Inn of the Abbot of Peterborough stood in Fleet Street on a site just west of the junction with Shoe Lane. The abbots … Continue reading

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Cirencester Inn

Above: The name plate is the only reminder of the abbot’s inn. All the bishops (and the two archbishops) of England and Wales had London residences so that, when attending the Court at Westminster during the summer months, they had … Continue reading

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Holborn on Agas

Above: A small part of the so-called ‘Agas’ map, first published about 1561, showing the land around Holborn. The first complete map of Inner London in existence today is a actually not a map but a ‘bird’s eye view’ originally … Continue reading

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Holborn as a Name

The northern ‘edge’ of the streets around Fleet Street is the wider street just called Holborn. The old boundary of the City of London included some of the buildings on the south side of Holborn. The rest of the street … Continue reading

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