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Fleet Street on Agas

Above: A small part of the so-called ‘Agas’ map, first published about 1561, showing the land around Fleet Street. The first complete map of Inner London in existence today is actually not a map but a ‘bird’s eye view’ originally … Continue reading

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Fleet, River

Above: Part of a painting by Samuel Scott, about 1750, looking across the Thames at the mouth of the River Fleet. The spire of St Bride’s church is on the left. The City of London evolved into the piece of … Continue reading

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Rolls Building

Above: Part of a Google aerial view of the streets north of Fleet Street showing the modern Rolls Building. Located off the west side of Fetter Lane in the City of London, the Rolls Building brings under one roof the … Continue reading

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Public Records Office, Chancery Lane

Above: Looking from the eastern end near Fetter Lane at the library today with its elegant tower. When you have known a building all your life by a particular name, there is always the danger that you continue to use … Continue reading

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Salisbury Inn

Salisbury Inn or Salisbury Place was the London house of the Bishops of Salisbury. The property was owned from 1206. It stood on the site that is now part of Salisbury Court, along with Salisbury Square. The Bishops used the … Continue reading

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Chichester Inn

Above: The turning off Chancery Lane called Chichester Rents. In medieval times all the Bishops (including the two Archbishops) in England and Wales acquired land in and around the City of London and kept a London residence so that when … Continue reading

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St Paul’s from Blackfriars

“London in 1891” This view puts the observer right in the roadway. along with the traffic and the policeman. The road is the approach to Blackfriars Bridge, which is out of view on the right. The horse-drawn bus has just … Continue reading

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