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City of London (Year 1)

There are 25 City Wards. The wards are of ancient origin and their number has only changed three times in all the centuries of their existence. In 1206 their number was recorded as 24. In 1394 Farringdon – which had been … Continue reading

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London – Saxon London

Above: Map representing the City about AD 700 – showing the extent of the early Saxon settlement called Lundenwic. The Strand runs near the Thames and further north is Holborn and High Holborn. The curved road entering the orange area … Continue reading

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London – Roman London

Above: Map of Inner London (showing today’s 12 Inner London Boroughs). The City of Westminster (coloured YELLOW) is one of the 12 Inner London Boroughs. At the centre is the City of London (coloured PINK). Superimposed on the map is … Continue reading

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City Views from Crystal Palace

At this time of year, the trees in London start to become green once more and the cycle of nature tells us that ‘summer is just around the corner’. Much of London is completely flat. Its cross-section has been likened … Continue reading

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The Changing Face of the City

Above: View looking east at the junction of Cannon Street and Queen Victoria Street. It shows a contrast between Victorian offices (far left and towards the right) being dwarfed by the new high-rise offices which tower above them. No city … Continue reading

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Crossrail’s Archaeology

Above: Diagram of archaeological levels for finds in the City of London. We all need helpful diagrams and maps to enable us to make better sense of London’s archaeology. The history of London is such an enormous subject that when … Continue reading

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City of London (Year 6)

Above: Map of the City of London showing the outline of all the wards. It is now time to consider the Areas of Study for Year 6 of the Know Your London cycle of lectures. We start the academic year … Continue reading

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