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Queenhithe (Dock)

Above: Queenhithe (Dock) photographed in 1959. The large Victorian warehouse in the centre of the dock was known as Smith’s Wharf. “Upper Thames Street – Part 6” The name of ‘Queenhithe’ today refers essentially to three concepts: (1) The ancient … Continue reading

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St Mary Somerset

Above: View from a pedestrian walkway over Upper Thames Street in 2015 of the remaining tower of St Mary Somerset. “Upper Thames Street – Part 5” The lone tower of St Mary Somerset was an interesting feature, standing beside the … Continue reading

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Trig Lane

Above: View looking east at the archaeological site excavated 1974-76 on the west side of Trig Lane. “Upper Thames Street – Part 4” Today Trig Lane is just the name of a modern street that was laid out, probably in … Continue reading

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Upper Thames Street Introduction

Above: Small version of the Ordnance Survey map for some time around the 1900s. It should be noted that in medieval times what we call ‘Upper Thames Street’ was part of an even longer street which included today’s ‘Lower Thames … Continue reading

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City of London (Year 5)

Above: Map showing the original ward boundaries in the City of London with the four wards being studied this term being named. We are following the schedule of lectures – spanning a period of six years. We are in ‘Year … Continue reading

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Queenhithe Mosaic

Above: A small part of the mural, showing the reference to the establishing of the dock at Queenhithe with a picture of Alfred the Great below from the mural. On Tuesday 18 November 2014 the official unveiling of the Queenhithe … Continue reading

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