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Driving Livestock in Winter

Above: The decorative sign in Attleborough, in Norfolk. Now that we have all had our Christmas Dinner, did you even consider how the chicken or the turkey arrived on your plate? ‘Simple’ you reply, ‘It was bought in a Sainsbury’s … Continue reading

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Boar’s Head Ceremony

Above: The members of the Butchers’ Company assembled outside their hall near Smithfield, ready to march off to Mansion House bearing the decorated Boar’s Head. The Boar’s Head Ceremony has been celebrated in one form or another throughout England for … Continue reading

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Smithfield on Agas

What is the Agas Map ? The first complete map of Inner London in existence today is a actually not a map but a ‘bird’s eye view’ originally made as a wood-cut about 1561. Only three paper copies of the … Continue reading

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Information Technologists’ Company

Above: The front of the hall in Bartholomew Close. Not a good day to take the picture because the road had just been dug up on the right. The City Companies are still quite a puzzle to many Londoners. In … Continue reading

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Haberdashers’ Hall, West Smithfield

Above: The beautiful modern interior in wood of the Haberdashers’ Hall. Haberdashers – there’s a good old fashioned word. The first recorded mention of the craft was in 1371. The Company has its roots in a fraternity (a group of … Continue reading

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Cloth Court and its Secret Window

Above: View looking east in Cloth Court at the street called Cloth Fair. The large open space that was originally known as West Smithfield – to distinguish it from East Smithfield near the Tower of London – is today generally … Continue reading

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Dragon Wash and Brush Up

Above: One of the newly-painted dragons on the east side of Smithfield Market. Over the summer months some of the largest dragons ever cast in the City of London have been given some beauty parlour treatment. There are four of … Continue reading

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