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Cheapside Medieval Model Street

Nearly everyone loves a model. Although remarkable modelling can now be achieved using computer graphics on high-end computer displays, developers still make models in order to show people how a new housing estate will look. Many museums display models of … Continue reading

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Cheapside – Modern Times

Above: Looking west along Cheapside with the fine tower of St Mary le Bow in the centre of the view. The street market in Cheapside is assumed to have started in Saxon times, continuing into the medieval period. The market … Continue reading

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Cheapside – A Medieval Market

Above: The name ‘Cheapside’ as it appears on the Copper Engraving (c1550). We also catch a glimpse of the Elizabethan houses that lined the street. “Mini Lecture” As you walk around the City today, several features distract your attention. The … Continue reading

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Cheapside – Saxon Origins

Above: Outline map of the Saxon City showing how the streets to the west were probably developed shortly after AD 886 (in ORANGE) and the other streets were developed about half a century later (in White).  After the Roman occupation … Continue reading

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City in Saxon Times – Two Markets

Above: A map showing the City in late Saxon times (around the 1050s). “Mini Lecture” Street Plan in the City In AD 886 Alfred the Great led an attack on the old walled land, drove out the Vikings and established … Continue reading

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