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His and Hers (Mural)

Above: The unusual mural at the junction of Giffin Street and Deptford High Street. We are never far from remarkable forms of art in London – statues on buildings, free-standing statues of famous people, large murals on the end of … Continue reading

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Deptford Creek Pedestrian Swing Bridge

Above: View of the footbridge from the Greenwich side, looking west towards Deptford. The bridge is in its ‘normal’ position, when in use by pedestrians. When ‘open’, it swings to the left (on this vew) through 110 degrees and rests … Continue reading

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Deptford Inclined Plane

Above: Looking north along the inclined plane towards the new Deptford Station. Perspective in the image means that the inclined plane does not appear to have an ‘incline’ but look at the walkways on the block of flats on the … Continue reading

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Deptford Railway Arches

Above: View of the railway arches just east of Deptford Station. When the railway terminus at London Bridge Station first opened in 1836 there were just two railway lines on a relatively narrow brick viaduct. Due to the addition of … Continue reading

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Great North Wood

Above: View on a sunny day in the dense woodland – called Sydenham Hill Wood – that still remains from a small part of the original Great North Wood. The subject of the Great North Wood relates to several London … Continue reading

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Tobacconist Roll, New Cross Road

Above: The attractive Walpole Arms pub and the shop next door (seen in Bing maps) with the tobacconist’s roll hanging at first floor level. Would you know what a tobacconist’s roll is ? More, importantly, would you know one if … Continue reading

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Brockley Road and its Clockwork House

Above: The Victorian house seen from across Brockley Road. The great joy of living in London is discovering quirky features all over the place. It may be an unusual building. It may be an impressive wall mural. It may be … Continue reading

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