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Victoria Deep Water Terminal

Above: Looking south on the wharf. Greenwich Park is on the horizon. Victoria Deep Water Terminal was built on land known as Victoria Wharf. The name ‘Victoria Wharf’ is shown on the Ordnance Survey maps for 1944-69. The name ‘Victoria … Continue reading

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Lovell’s Wharf Footpath

Above: Looking west along the footpath by evening light in 1975. In the 1960s and 1970s, the riverside footpath at Greenwich was a really magical place. Walking east from Greenwich Pier, you passed in front of the Royal Naval College … Continue reading

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Greenwich Wharves in the 1960s (Background Page)

Above: Map of the riverfront at Greenwich, showing the approximate position of some of the well-known wharves. At the time of writing, most of them have already changed beyond recognition (Click on image to enlarge to 1280×800). If you like … Continue reading

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Enderby’s Wharf

Above: Enderby’s Wharf in August 1963. The cable-laying ship ‘Mercury’ is moored alongside being loaded with a new cable being made in the nearby factory. Over the centuries, a large number of wharves have been developed along the banks of … Continue reading

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