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Cutty Sark (Ship)

Above: View of the ‘Cutty Sark’ before it was raised by three metres (after 2006). This fine tea clipper was launched in November 1869 at Dumbarton on the Clyde. The name is Scottish for ‘a piece of cloth’. It was … Continue reading

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Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Above: Looking east at the front of the Trafalgar Tavern. Before explaining the history of the tavern, it should be mentioned that Greenwich became a sort of ‘seaside resort’ for Victorians on Bank Holidays. Until the early 19th century, various … Continue reading

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Greenwich Palace

Above: A 17th-century painting (probably made shortly before the Tudor palace was demolished). The view looks NW from a hill in Greenwich Park. The River Thames is beside the buildings of the old palace and, in the far distance (just … Continue reading

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Greenwich Overview

Above: Some of the many elegant houses still to be seen in Croom’s Hill today. This land described here describes only the old Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich. The original settlement called Greenwich was on land beside the Thames. The first … Continue reading

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Greenwich, London Borough of

Above: Outline map showing the position of the London Borough of Greenwich relative to the City of London (PINK) and the City of Westminster (BEIGE). The London Borough of Greenwich came into existence in 1965 when the Metropolitan Borough of … Continue reading

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Metropolitan London (Year 2)

Above: Map of old Metropolitan London. The boundary lines show all the original Metropolitan Boroughs. Those being considered in this academic year are coloured GREEN. During the remaining months of this academic year, we shall be delving into two London … Continue reading

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Deptford Creek Pedestrian Swing Bridge

Above: View of the footbridge from the Greenwich side, looking west towards Deptford. The bridge is in its ‘normal’ position, when in use by pedestrians. When ‘open’, it swings to the left (on this vew) through 110 degrees and rests … Continue reading

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