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Springfield House

Above: Springfield House standing on high ground in the park. In the 17th and 18th centuries, much of what we now call Inner London was just open countryside. Much of it was given over to farms, common land and woodland. … Continue reading

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Good Shepherd, Cathedral Church of the

Above: The main entrance to the church from the road with decorated stonework incorporated into the building. It is often said about the history of London that there is no need to make up stories about its buildings because, in … Continue reading

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De Beauvoir Square

Above: Houses on one side of the square. The semi-detached villas surrounding De Beauvoir Square were designed in Dutch style by Robert Lewis Roumieu, a Huguenot descendant, and Alexander Dick Gough. They were built 1838-39 when Richard Benyon de Beauvoir, … Continue reading

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Bishop Wood’s Almshouses

Above: The almshouses in 1998, when they were still in use. These unusual almshouses were erected in 1665 by Dr Thomas Wood, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry. He was born in the parish of Hackney in 1607 and died in … Continue reading

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Hackney Town Hall (Old)

Above: View looking north along Mare Street at the white stone building which was once the town hall. To the right is the remaining tower of the old church of St Augustine which is still surrounded by a large number … Continue reading

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Hackney Overview

Above: A quiet elegant street in Hackney, of which there are many. This view looks west in a cul-de-sac called Sutton Place. For those who don’t know the area, the mention of Hackney brings to mind an unattractive location with … Continue reading

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Hackney, London Borough of

Above: Outline map showing all the old Metropolitan Boroughs. Three are shown in GREEN. They were combined to form today’s London Borough of Hackney. This year we shall take a look at the whole of the London Borough of Hackney. … Continue reading

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