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Colt Technology Services Mural

Above: Part of the mural that faces onto New Inn Yard. It is a sad fact but it has to be admitted that most of Shoreditch is rather drab. The busy roads that cross the land, with their endless traffic … Continue reading

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Tower Hamlets (Hamlets)

Above: Cary’s map of 1786 with the approximate position of the Tower Hamlets added to it. Notice how open much of the land was at that time. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets was so-named when it was formed in 1965 because … Continue reading

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Regent’s Canal at Shoreditch

Above: Narrow-boat leaving Acton’s Lock and travelling towards Limehouse on the Regent’s Canal. The Regent’s Canal – as its name implies – was constructed at the time of the Prince Regent. First proposed in 1802, as a link from the … Continue reading

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Unicorn Pub, Hoxton High Street

Above: An ordinary pub in Hoxton High Street with an unusual name. London is rapidly losing its pubs. They say that pubs are closing at an average rate of three every week. This is matched by the rest of Britain … Continue reading

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Shoreditch Town Hall

Above: The imposing Town Hall, standing beside Old Street. Before Metropolitan London came into effect in 1900, the parishes of London were run by Vestry Committees – acting rather like the Parish Councils which still run rural communities to this … Continue reading

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Village Underground

Above: Two of the four old underground carriages mounted on the original disused viaduct high above Great Eastern Street. You might think that the heading is some dark reference to some illegal or subversive organisation when nothing could be further … Continue reading

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St Leonard, Shoreditch

Above: The impressive west front of the church, facing onto Shoreditch High Street. The first recorded mention of the parish church was in 1160. Whoever decided on its site certainly chose a commanding position – at the intersection of what … Continue reading

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