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Silchester, Roman Road to

Above: Outline map showing the route of the Roman Road to Silchester (in RED). It was joined by a second Roman road (shown in BLUE). One of the most remarkable features of today’s main roads out of London is that, … Continue reading

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St Paul’s Hotel, Hammersmith

Above: The original High Master’s house now converted into a boutique hotel. Of all the schools in London, St Paul’s School is one of the oldest. It was first established adjacent to the old St Paul’s Cathedral as early as … Continue reading

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Ravenscourt Park

Above: The elegant stable block remaining from the Ravenscourt estate. The origins of Ravenscourt Park lie in the medieval manor and estate of Palingswick (or Paddenswick) Manor, located on the site and first recorded in the 12th century. The ancient … Continue reading

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Doves Typeface

Above: The northern pier of Hammersmith Bridge. It was from the walkway in the picture that the type was dropped into the Thames. These days books, newspapers and pamphlets are all printed by creating the text on a computer which … Continue reading

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Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Above: Looking west in Doves Place at the Dove Inn. One of the most attractive pubs anywhere in Inner London is situated at Upper Mall, in Hammersmith. It is called the Dove Inn (sometimes written as ‘Doves Inn’) which is … Continue reading

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High Bridge, Hammersmith

Above: One of the very few remaining pictures of High Bridge. The view looks west towards the bridge which is seen at the end of Hog Lane. The lane was named after the pub whose sign, showing a substantial hog, can … Continue reading

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Hammersmith Creek

Above: A view in 1920 looking north along Hammersmith Creek. The Lower and Upper Mall were once separated from one another by Hammersmith Creek, a picturesque inlet of the Thames which contributed to the early riverside life of Hammersmith. The … Continue reading

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Hammersmith Overview

Above: Looking west at the riverside at Hammersmith from near Hammersmith Bridge. Although the centre of Hammersmith is a busy place, with endless traffic on the large roundabout as well as more vehicles on the flyover, the riverside remains as … Continue reading

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Hammersmith and Fulham, London Borough of

Above: Map of Inner London. The black lines show the original 28 Metropolitan Boroughs. In 1965 the two green ones were combined to form the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Until 1900 the name ‘London’ meant only one thing … Continue reading

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