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Evelina Hospital Memories

Above: An obviously posed picture, dated 1896, taken at Christmas time. The ward was decorated in a festive way for the children. ‘Reminiscing the Past’ The year 2019 sees the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the … Continue reading

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Evelina Hospital for Sick Children

Above: One of the few photographs ever taken of the exterior of the Evelina Hospital in Southwark Bridge Road. The photograph shows the main entrance in Quilp Street and the curved side of the hospital beside Southwark Bridge Road. The … Continue reading

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St James the Less, Hospital of

Above: Part of a panorama from 1543 by Wyngaerde looking at the river bank around Westminster. It shows the site of the leper hospital (above Westminster Abbey). The large building towards the left is Westminster Abbey. Towards the right, a … Continue reading

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St Thomas’s Hospital Chapel

Above: View of the chapel, looking towards the altar. Nearly every hospital has a chapel built within its bounds. In 18th and 19th century hospitals they were often very ornate and very grand with equally grand chapels. We do not … Continue reading

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St Thomas’s Hospital Murals

Above: One of the Doulton tile panels which have been removed from their original location and put on show on the walls of the main corridor of St Thomas’s Hospital. St Thomas’s Hospital stands on a very large site and … Continue reading

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Bethlehem Hospital, Bishopsgate

Above: One of the skeletons discovered under part of Liverpool Street Station while constructing a new ticket hall for Crossrail. Thousands of skeletons from a medieval hospital burial site are having to be carefully removed before Crossrail can go ahead … Continue reading

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