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Blake’s Gravestone

Above: The new gravestone to William Blake, photographed a few days after being unveiled – still adorned with flowers, placed by those present at the ceremony. William Blake (28 November 1757 – 12 August 1827), English poet, painter and printmaker. … Continue reading

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Turnmill Street and the Boundary Post

Above: The boundary post in Turnmill Street. The opposite side of the street is Farringdon Underground Station. London is just overflowing with history – some of it being quite well-known but most of it is something only research will discover. … Continue reading

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Rookery Hotel

Above: The three Georgian houses in Cowcross Street that were once shops. They are now part of the hotel. The Rookery Hotel, opened in 1998. It is one of a small chain of boutique hotels in period buildings in London. … Continue reading

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Castle Tavern, Cowcross Street

Above: The pub on the curve where Cowcross Street joins onto Turnmill Street. A rather elegant pub stands in Cowcross Street, tucked away just north of Smithfield Market. It has a unique story to tell about its past. The earliest … Continue reading

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Charterhouse, Monastery of

Above: Ancient gateway in Charterhouse Square that was the original entrance to the Monastery of Charterhouse. Before the religious houses of England were suppressed (in 1536) by Henry VIII, London acted are quite a magnate for the English mother houses … Continue reading

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Smithfield Medieval

Above: Outline map of the area around Smithfield representing a date of around 1500. The remarkable thing about London’s street plan is how far back it goes. Much of the street layout has remained the same for over a thousand … Continue reading

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Angel, Islington

Above: Photo of Islington High Street around 1900. The Angel is the large building on the left. Apart from the traffic and people’s dress being different in 1900, the buildings are still the same today. A more suitable title for … Continue reading

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Boar’s Head, St John Street

Above: Looking north from Smithfield Market at Cowcross Street (far left) and St John Street (towards the right). If you walk away from the City of London through the great arch of Smithfield Market you will find an odd junction … Continue reading

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St John Street

Above: St John Street looking south towards the City. Notice how the street ‘bulges out’, a feature that is still to be see today. It would a useful exercise to produce a map where the streets were shown in various … Continue reading

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Metropolitan London (Year 5)

Above: Map of the 28 Metropolitan Boroughs that made up London until 1965. In addition, there was the City of London (in pink). This year, as you can see from the outline map above, we will be looking at the … Continue reading

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