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Canonbury Tower

Above: The photograph was taken in 2001 when the building was still in use as the Tower Theatre. Canonbury is a district on the east side of the London Borough of Islington. The name derives from a manor that in … Continue reading

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Myddleton, Hugh (Statue)

Above: The statue showing Myddelton in Tudor dress at Islington Green. The design and construction of the New River are attributed solely to Sir Hugh Myddelton (1560 – 10 December 1631). There were, however, others who assisted in the execution … Continue reading

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Claremont Square

Above: A terrace of elegant houses standing on the west side of the square. Claremont Square is situated on the south side of Pentonville Road at its highest point and the northern side of the square is Pentonville Road. Instead … Continue reading

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Pentonville – Quick Look Around

Above: One of the more upmarket terraces in Pentonville Road. Pentonville Road is part of a long thoroughfare extending west from the City of London to join with Edgware Road at Paddington. The road was formed by a local Act … Continue reading

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White Conduit

The water conduit was built in 1431 under royal licence to supply the Monastery of Charterhouse with water. A source of water was found at Islington and a pipe (called a conduit) was constructed to bring fresh water to Charterhouse, … Continue reading

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Chapel Market

In these modern times, a busy street market is becoming a rare sight whereas, in Victorian times, street markets were where most of the shopping was carried out for those of more modest means. In what is now Inner London, … Continue reading

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Islington Tunnel

Above: The western end of the tunnel which is under Muriel Road, Islington. Part of the entrance at the eastern end is just visible. The tunnel is the longest on the Regent’s Canal, allowing the canal to pass under the … Continue reading

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Regent’s Canal at Islington

Above: Looking east on the towpath below Duncan Terrace. The route of the Regent’s Canal (working from west to east) is via the London Borough of Westminster, the London Borough of Camden, the London Borough of Hackney and finally the … Continue reading

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St Mary, Islington

Above: The present church from the SE is surrounded by its churchyard. The full dedication of the church is to St Mary the Virgin. The first church on the site is believed to have been built in the 12th century. … Continue reading

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Islington Overview

Above: Elegant terraces of houses like this one can be found at many locations in Islington. The land that became the Metropolitan Borough of Islington was formed from the old parish boundary of Islington whose parish church of St Mary … Continue reading

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