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Great North Wood on Rocque’s Small Scale Map

Above: The Great North Wood shown on Rocque’s small scale map (Click image to enlarge to 1550×1250). There is never any substitute for seeing direct evidence for something. Theories of how something might have looked cannot compete with actual evidence. In … Continue reading

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Great North Wood Extent

Above: Outline map showing the extent of the Great North Wood in medieval times (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). If you draw a vertical line passing through London Bridge on a map of Inner London, it would pass very close … Continue reading

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Searle’s Boatyard, Lambeth

Above: Plaque on the Albert Embankment marking the site of Searle’s Boatyard. On these premises, the Leander Club was founded. This may well be a name you have not heard of. It relates to the shore at Lambeth before the … Continue reading

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Van Gough House

Above: The house with the Blue Plaque on the wall in which Van Gough was a lodger. The house does not stand in a well-known road, so a brief description of where it is situated will be given. Connecting Kennington … Continue reading

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Seafarers’ Memorial

Above: The memorial standing beside the pavement on the east side of Albert Embankment, a short distance south of Lambeth Bridge. Until the middle of the 20th century, most memorials in London were either statues of famous people or a … Continue reading

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Brixton Orphanage for Fatherless Girls

Above: The fronts of two large houses in Barrington Road (Now 55 and 57). Although they look like two large residences from the front, the map below shows how extensive the properties are at the rear. Victorians certainly did not … Continue reading

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Norwood Triangle Plaques

Above: The shop in Westow Hill that was once one of the Cullen’s shops. In the summer of 2017 members of the Norwood Society completed a most unusual project. They had seen ‘Blue Plaques’ on shops in the Bloomsbury area, … Continue reading

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Baird’s Original Equipment

Above: Baird’s original equipment on show in the Hastings Museum. Notice the large wooden wheel with lenses mounted on it (on the right). The round black object towards the left is an electric motor that turned the wheel at high … Continue reading

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Old Paradise Street, Lambeth

Running east of Lambeth High Street is a small street with the unusual name of Old Paradise Street. Streets in London containing the word ‘paradise’ in the name are quite rare. Over the centuries there have been even more than … Continue reading

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Pop Brixton

Above: The main entrance to the site which is made entirely from reused containers. Brixton is is a very diverse place. In the 19th century it was one of the prestigious localities in London, lived in the by the very … Continue reading

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