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Greyhound Inn, Greyhound Lane

Above: Standing on Streatham High Road, at the foot of Streatham Common, looking at the pub beside Greyhound Lane. The view was taken in April 2009 when the pub was still called The Greyhound. Much of southeast Inner London was, … Continue reading

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St Leonard, Streatham

Above: A view of the church during a lull in the passing traffic. It is not known when the first church at Streatham was built. The name of Streatham appears in the Domesday Book (1086). A new church is known … Continue reading

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Streatham Overview

Above: The location of Streatham is shown on Google maps. The RED boundary line is part of the London Borough of Lambeth. Streatham lies at the southern end of the London Borough of Lambeth on the western side. Being part … Continue reading

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Great North Wood on Rocque’s Small Scale Map

Above: The Great North Wood shown on Rocque’s small scale map (Click image to enlarge to 1550×1250). There is never any substitute for seeing direct evidence for something. Theories of how something might have looked cannot compete with actual evidence. In … Continue reading

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Great North Wood Extent

Above: Outline map showing the extent of the Great North Wood in medieval times (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). If you draw a vertical line passing through London Bridge on a map of Inner London, it would pass very close … Continue reading

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The Rookery, Streatham

Above: The middle part of the gardens at The Rookery. Tucked away on the edge of Streatham Common, right on the ‘edge’ of Inner London, is a very unusual public garden. Known as ‘The Rookery’ it is beside quite high … Continue reading

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Great North Wood (Background Page)

Above: View on a sunny day in the dense woodland – now known as Sydenham Hill Wood – that still remains from a small part of the original Great North Wood. The subject of the Great North Wood relates to … Continue reading

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Lambeth, London Borough of

Above: Outline map of the London Borough of Lambeth. GREEN dots show ancient villages – known to be in existence by Saxon or Norman times. YELLOW dots show other early villages which came into being after 1066. During the six-year … Continue reading

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Metropolitan London (Year 5)

Above: Map of the 28 Metropolitan Boroughs that made up London until 1965. In addition, there was the City of London (in PINK). The City of Westminster is shown in BEIGE. This year, as you can see from the outline … Continue reading

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