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London and Greenwich Railway (Background Page)

Above: A contemporary print showing a train on the viaduct in about 1836. Although only a short railway initially, its design was to be replicated time and time again across London. The engineer was Colonel George Landmann who was born … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Railway (New Cross to Croydon)

Above: Viaduct showing the Atmospheric Railway train, crossing the Dover and Brighton lines, between Norwood and Croydon, 1845. Notice the large tube (shown striped with round bands) between the wheels of the train. The London and Croydon Railway (L&CR) opened … Continue reading

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Royal Naval Dockyard Clock Tower

Above: Print of Deptford Dockyard seen from the river. Notice the clock tower which is to the left of the print. It should be remembered that Convoys Wharf was established on the site of Royal Naval Dockyard, Deptford. It became … Continue reading

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Convoys Wharf, Deptford

Above: Looking north from Watergate Stairs at a large vessel moored at Convoys Wharf in 1999. After the Royal Naval Dockyard was closed at Deptford, most of the land became used by the Foreign Cattle Market where large numbers of … Continue reading

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Shipwright’s House, Deptford

Above: The large house, standing in its extensive garden. To the left is the redeveloped Payne’s Wharf and stairs at the end of Watergate Street. On the right is one of the enormous modern warehouses standing on Convoys Wharf when … Continue reading

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Royal Naval Dockyard, Deptford

Above: View on a slide from 1976 when the Navy was still using the site. A cargo ship is moored at the old dockyard. The two blocks of flats towards the right are on the Pepys Estate, immediately north of … Continue reading

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Surrey-Kent Post

Above: John Cary’s map of London (1786) showing the Surrey and Kent county boundary – a dotted line which Cary highlighted in GREEN. Surrey is on the left. The boundary is shown crossing New Cross Road and then crossing Plow … Continue reading

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Telegraph Hill

Above: View from Telegraph Hill, looking towards Westminster. The approximate position of the Admiralty is slightly to the right of Big Ben. These days we pick up a land-line telephone or use a mobile phone without really thinking about the … Continue reading

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Deptford Town Hall

Above: The old Deptford Town Hall building stand beside New Cross Road. When the 28 Metropolitan Boroughs came into existence, in 1900, a decision to build a Town Hall within the borough was taken almost immediately. Not only was one … Continue reading

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New Cross Toll Gate

Above: Photograph of the toll gate. It was taken with a camera on a tripod. Notice how everyone in the picture is looking at the camera. While it is believed that the New Cross House gave the district of New … Continue reading

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