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Sydenham Hill in the Snow

Above: Heavy snow in 2009 creating a ‘winter wonderland’ around the Dulwich Wood House pub. It is not very often that London is covered in deep snow, each occasion often separated by several years if not decades. The only problem … Continue reading

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Grace, W G, in Sydenham

William Gilbert ‘WG’ Grace, (1848–1915) was an English amateur cricketer who was important in the development of the sport and is widely considered to be one of its greatest-ever players. His profession was as a doctor. He qualified as a … Continue reading

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Great North Wood on Rocque’s Small Scale Map

Above: The Great North Wood shown on Rocque’s small scale map (Click image to enlarge to 1550×1250). There is never any substitute for seeing direct evidence for something. Theories of how something might have looked cannot compete with actual evidence. In … Continue reading

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Great North Wood Extent

Above: Outline map showing the extent of the Great North Wood in medieval times (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). If you draw a vertical line passing through London Bridge on a map of Inner London, it would pass very close … Continue reading

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Lady Well in Lewisham

Above: The plaque on the housing bock near Ladywell Station. Today, we all have running water piped to our homes and we probably take it for granted. In times gone by, residents considered themselves lucky if they even lived near … Continue reading

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Jolly Farmers pub, Lewisham High Street

Above: The Jolly Farmers pub is adjacent to Lewisham Hospital. As you walk around London, if you have a keen eye, you become aware that many of the smaller, more interesting pubs are rapidly vanishing. According to the Standard Newspaper … Continue reading

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Lee – Quick Look Around

Above: Mural under the railway bridge near Lee Station. So, where is Lee and where is its centre? Although it appears to be a simple question, it is not that easy to be precise about the answer. If the question … Continue reading

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Pagoda, Blackheath

Above: View of the house from Pagoda Gardens. One of Blackheath’s more unusual houses is a house built in the form of a Chinese Pagoda near the heath. It is actually within the London Borough of Lewisham. It was built … Continue reading

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Poole River at Lower Sydenham

Above: The Poole River, sparkling in the sunshine, flowing beside newly laid out bank, with wild plants establishing themselves. We always talk about the River Thames as ‘London’s River’ – mainly because it flows through the centre of the capital. … Continue reading

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Hill House, Honor Oak Road

Above: Hill House standing beside Honor Oak Road. Forest Hill is among the last places in London to be named. The name seems to have appeared in the 1790s due to a group of large houses that were built around … Continue reading

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