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Southwark Overview

Above: Looking north in Borough High Street with the tower of Southwark Cathedral in the distance. The Metropolitan London Borough of Southwark was created in 1900, as part of the newly formed Metropolitan London which had 28 Metropolitan Boroughs in … Continue reading

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Westminster (Area) Overview

Above: One of the elegant Georgian Terrace in Smith Square. This area of study is related to the most central and probably most important part of the City of Westminster. Not all of it looks as grand as Smith Square … Continue reading

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Cripplegate, Cheap and Bassishaw Wards Overview

Above: The pre-2003 boundaries of the three wards. Their shape has changed considerably from those shown above. This is an area of study that is right at the heart of the City. After the Romans abandoned Londinium, the history of … Continue reading

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Broad Street and Coleman Street Overview

Above: The two wards of Broad Street and Coleman Street that make up the ‘Broad Street’ area of study. They are plotted onto the modern street map with part of the City boundary shown by a thin red line. The … Continue reading

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Kensington Overview

Above: Outline map showing the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the old border between the Metropolitan Borough of Kensington and the Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea (YELLW dotted line). In the days when Inner London was composed of 28 … Continue reading

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Chelsea Overview

Above: Some of the large houses in Cheyne Walk. The land we know as Chelsea today started life as a manor. The manor house was beside the Thames and, at times, it enjoyed royal patronage. As was usual in early … Continue reading

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Hampstead Overview

Above: One of many similar Georgian houses in Hampstead, viewed from the pavement end of its garden. Inner London has developed from being land on which there were many country villages – in the 19th century – into the large … Continue reading

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St Pancras Overview

Above: Any mention of the place name St Pancras will almost certainly invoke a response ‘St Pancras Station’ because it is the only location that people think of. The above picture was taken in 2006 of the newly renovated roofline … Continue reading

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Holborn Overview

Above: Looking west in the street called Holborn, with Staple Inn to be seen on the left. The geographical feature of Holborn was the ‘dip in the land’ where the River Fleet flowed on a north-south axis just west of … Continue reading

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Whitehall Overview

Above: Outline map showing the area of study for Whitehall. The area called Whitehall is the smallest of all the seven areas of study for Westminster. Although small, there is plenty of history to consider. The southern boundary runs along … Continue reading

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