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Bridge Foot in 1616

Above: A very small part of the panorama of 1616 showing the roadway leading to the southern end of London Bridge. There are many prints of London and quite a few of them are panoramas but the print of Bridge … Continue reading

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London Bridge

Above: Photograph of a model of the medieval bridge, on show in the Museum of London. The view looks along the bridge at the eastern side. “Upper Thames Street – Part 17” It is believed that soon after the Roman … Continue reading

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The Dragon on London Bridge

Above: One of two dragon figures at the southern end of London bridge. The coat of arms of the City of London shows the shield of St George (a white background with a red cross) with a dagger in the … Continue reading

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Prospect of London

Above: The complete painting which looks east along the Thames. In the mid-1740s a dramatic painting was made from the walkway in front of Somerset House.  The artist was Antonio Joli who was resident in London from 1744 until 1748. … Continue reading

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Southwark Boundary

Above: Street map taken from Bartholomew’s Atlas of Greater London, printed in 1961. One of the complex subjects relating to Southwark is where its original eastern boundary with Bermondsey ran. Many parish boundaries just run down the middle of a road … Continue reading

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