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Metropolitan London (Year 1)

Above: Map of old Metropolitan London. The boundary lines show all original Metropolitan Boroughs. Those being considered in this academic year are coloured GREEN. Stoke Newington, Hackney and Shoreditch make up today’s London Borough of Hackney. Bethnal Green and Stepney … Continue reading

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London – London Boroughs

Above: The 28 Metropolitan Boroughs, coloured in PALE GREEN or DARK GREEN to show how they were combined in 1965 to form the larger London Boroughs. The City is shown in PINK. Westminster is shown in YELLOW because it is … Continue reading

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London – Metropolitan Boroughs

Above: Map of 1856 showing the four counties that were near the City of London – Middlesex, Essex, Surrey and Kent. From the time of the Saxons and Normans, the only place that was called ‘London’ was the City of … Continue reading

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London – Changes Across the Centuries

Above: Greenwood’s map of London, published in 1824, was the last map of Inner London to be published before the coming of the railways. From the times of the Romans, through to the Saxons, the Normans and on through the … Continue reading

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London – The Counties

Above: Map of Inner London showing the old county boundaries. This article describes the relationship between the City of London and of the four counties that existed for many centuries, until the formation of Metropolitan London. City of London It … Continue reading

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London – The Vikings

Above: Map showing today’s Inner London boroughs with four known sites where the Vikings settled in London. The Vikings did not have much effect on how London developed from an administrative point of view but it is important to realise … Continue reading

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London – Saxon London

Above: Map representing the City about AD 700 – showing the extent of the early Saxon settlement called Lundenwic. The Strand runs near the Thames and further north is Holborn and High Holborn. The curved road entering the orange area … Continue reading

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