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Bishopsgate and Lime Street Overview

Above: Outline map of the City of London. Today’s land is indicated in PINK. The old pre-2003 ward boundaries for the area of study are shown with a RED outline on the modern Google street map. This area of study … Continue reading

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Woolwich Overview

Above: At the centre of Woolwich is Beresford Square, in use most days of the week as a street market. The view above summarises the story of Woolwich – the historic old entrance to the Royal Arsenal (left), the Victorian … Continue reading

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Greenwich Overview

Above: Some of the many elegant houses still to be seen in Croom’s Hill today. This land described here describes only the old Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich. The original settlement called Greenwich was on land beside the Thames. The first … Continue reading

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Poplar Overview

Above: One of a mere handful of elegant houses remaining in Poplar High Street. The original hamlet of Poplar grew up on land just north of the Isle of Dogs and close to the riverside settlement at Blackwall. The earliest … Continue reading

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Piccadilly Overview

Above: The area of study called (by the author) Piccadilly. As well as two large parks, the land covered by streets is called Soho, Mayfair and Knightsbridge. There are few people who do not know the name in London of … Continue reading

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Aldgate and Portsoken Overview

Above: Boundary of the two wards – Aldgate and Portsoken – with their old boundaries shown in a RED dotted line. The Google map shows the City of London coloured PINK with a thin RED line indicating the present boundary. … Continue reading

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Tower (Ward) Overview

The Ward of Tower was so-called because it was near the Tower of London. The shape is almost rectangular with the southern side extending into the Thames and the eastern side being defined by the boundary of the City of … Continue reading

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