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Saxons in London (Background Page)

Above: The Essex Coat of Arms on a footbridge crossing a road in Colchester. The coat of arms shows three seaxes. The Saxons were a Germanic tribe that originally occupied the region which today is the North Sea coast of … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Words

We tend to take the words we speak for granted. In the same way that the branch of a tree divides into smaller and smaller branches, so words that we use today have derived from other earlier words. There is … Continue reading

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All Hallows Barking

Above: View of the church from the SE. If you are unfamiliar with the City of London, it might seem that the name of the church is because it is in an area of the City called Barking. This is … Continue reading

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London – Saxon London

Above: Map representing the City about AD 700 – showing the extent of the early Saxon settlement called Lundenwic. The Strand runs near the Thames and further north is Holborn and High Holborn. The curved road entering the orange area … Continue reading

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Saxon Brooch near the Strand

The Museum of London opened in 1976. It was laid out, in the main, by a consulting team of designers and had one or two typically quirky features. There was a large area to display Roman finds (AD 43 – … Continue reading

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City in Saxon Times – Royal Palace

Above: Outline map of streets around Wood Street and the Guildhall to help understand the description given below. “Mini Lecture” Explanation of the Map The base map shows part of the City in modern times (Open Street Map). Plotted on … Continue reading

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City in Saxon Times – Two Markets

Above: A map showing the City in late Saxon times (around the 1050s). “Mini Lecture” Street Plan in the City In AD 886 Alfred the Great led an attack on the old walled land, drove out the Vikings and established … Continue reading

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