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Roman Wall at Bishopsgate

Above: Looking west in the gardens to the south of St Botolph Without Bishopsgate. The tennis courts in the distance are beside a yellow-brick wall. That wall is on the south side of where the Roman Wall once stood. This … Continue reading

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Bishopsgate (Gate)

Above: A large bronze mitre on the west side of Bishopsgate (Street) marks the site of the original gatehouse. If you are wondering why ‘(Gate)’ has been added to the title, it is to clarify the name. The name ‘Bishopsgate’ … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Cooper’s Row

Above: Part of the Roman Wall standing beside the forecourt of the hotel. The Roman Wall once extended around the settlement that the Romans called Londinium. Although they established it in AD 43, it was not until the end of … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Tower Hill

Above: One of the most impressive remaining sections of the Roman Wall stands near the entrance to Tower Hill Underground Station. The Romans established Londinium – which eventually became the modern City of London – in AD 43. The settlement … Continue reading

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Roman Wall at Cripplegate

Above: Roman Wall still standing but set into new gardens – between Fore Street and the street called London Wall in 2018. It is a short distance east of the site of Cripplegate. The red bricks on top of the … Continue reading

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London Wall Place High Walk

Above: Looking east on the north side of the street called London Wall. The new open space at London Wall Place has new walkways above it and provides an attractive setting for the old ruins of Elsing Spital. London Wall … Continue reading

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London – Roman London

Above: Map of Inner London (showing today’s 12 Inner London Boroughs). The City of Westminster (coloured YELLOW) is one of the 12 Inner London Boroughs. At the centre is the City of London (coloured PINK). Superimposed on the map is … Continue reading

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