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Great Maze Pond

Above: The street name relating to so much history in the area. If you live or work in Central London or even if you just use it for pleasure trips – like visiting a restaurant or going to the theatre … Continue reading

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Maze, The Manor of the

Above: Map of the land around Tooley Street, showing the approximate boundaries of the manors related to the Manor of the Maze (Click on image to enlarge to 1280×800). ‘The Manor of the Maze’ is really quite an intriguing name. … Continue reading

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Vinegar Yard

Above: Looking down on the premises through the windows beside Platform 15 on London Bridge Station. One of the features of London is the number of new food markets that continue to spring up. Situated at Vinegar Yard, 72-82 St … Continue reading

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Hay’s Wharf Sailing Bill

Above: A sailing bill for Hay’s Wharf, dated 1798 (Click on image to enlarge to 1024×600). If you have visited Hay’s Galleria – which is on the north side of Tooley Street– then you will know where Hay’s Wharf originally … Continue reading

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Griffin’s Wharf Sailing Bill

Above: Sailing bill advertising services by ship from Griffin’s Wharf, Tooley Street (Click on image to enlarge to 800×980). Griffin’s Wharf no longer exists but it has an interesting story to be told in the form of the advert which … Continue reading

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London Bridge Station Old Wall

Above: The ornate brick wall, seen when entering the station from Tooley Street. In the 1950s and 1960s, the pedestrian area was part of a roadway called Joiner Street. Work to totally rebuild London Bridge has been going on for … Continue reading

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Gibbon’s Rents

Above: Exotic plants brightening up an otherwise drab footpath. Inner London has an amazingly diverse collection of street names. Having said that, there are plenty of very unusual street names in many other parts of England. In the town of … Continue reading

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