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City Views from Reed’s Wharf House Boats

The above view was taken from the river bank just downriver of Reed’s Wharf, which is just east of St Saviour’s Dock. Reed’s Wharf has stone stairs that lead down to the beach at low tide. At that point, a … Continue reading

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Commercial Pier Wharf, Rotherhithe

Above: Looking north along the riverside at Rotherhithe in 2011 when the Scotch derrick was on the site. The derelict in front of it was once a nightclub called Downtown. During the 1970s, many historians were worrying about the demise … Continue reading

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Lawrence Wharf, Rotherhithe

Above: A digitised slide showing Lawrence Wharf from the Isle of Dogs in about 1976. All the logs (tree trunks) were hardwoods, imported by Vitak. There were three derricks in use on the wharf. Lawrence Wharf (or Lawrence’s Wharf as … Continue reading

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Thames Steam Ferry

Above: Victorian print showing the ferry departing from Rotherhithe and on its way to Wapping. There were various horse ferry crossing points on the Thames that had been in existence for centuries. Most of them ceased to operate when the … Continue reading

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London and Greenwich Railway (Background Page)

Above: A contemporary print showing a train on the viaduct in about 1836. Although only a short railway initially, its design was to be replicated time and time again across London. The engineer was Colonel George Landmann who was born … Continue reading

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London Bridge Station – Christmas Post Bags

Above: Photo taken about 1930 of a platform on London Bridge Station. These days, all sorts of things are photographed. Because almost everybody walks around with a mobile phone (which also has a built-in camera) there now exist photos of … Continue reading

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Tooley Street Pedestrian Footbridge

Above: Looking east along Tooley Street at the pedestrian footbridge in 2019. The yellow colour of the footbridge matched the exterior colour of The Cottons Centre. When the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) was set up by the Government of … Continue reading

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Wapping by James Whistler

The view of the Thames, entitled ‘Wapping’ and also ‘Wapping on Thames’, was painted by James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903). He started the painting shown above in 1860 but it was not completed until 1864. The seemingly long time for working … Continue reading

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Temeraire at Rotherhithe

Above: Picture of Turner’s painting of the Temeraire being towed upriver at sunrise on its last journey to be broken up at Rotherhithe. The Temeraire had been built at Chatham, Kent, in 1798 and was fitted with 90 guns which … Continue reading

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St Olave’s Grammar School – Classroom Painting

“Reminiscing the Past” For my secondary education, I attended St Olave’s Grammar School. The full name of the school was ‘St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School’ because two schools were combined in Victorian times to form a new foundation. … Continue reading

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