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Milestone, Denmark Hill

Above: Recently revealed milestone on Denmark Hill. In case you are not familiar with SE London, probably the most helpful thing to say first is that Denmark Hill is in Camberwell with its lower end starting at Camberwell Green. Denmark … Continue reading

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Great North Wood on Rocque’s Small Scale Map

Above: The Great North Wood shown on Rocque’s small scale map (Click image to enlarge to 1550×1250). There is never any substitute for seeing direct evidence for something. Theories of how something might have looked cannot compete with actual evidence. In … Continue reading

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Great North Wood Extent

Above: Outline map showing the extent of the Great North Wood in medieval times (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). If you draw a vertical line passing through London Bridge on a map of Inner London, it would pass very close … Continue reading

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Camberwell Beauty, Camberwell New Road

Above: Mural on a bridge abutment beside Camberwell New Road. The butterfly, commonly called Camberwell Beauty, has been adopted as a sort of symbol of Camberwell. This is strange because it is not native to that part of London, in … Continue reading

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Grand Surrey Canal Route

Above: Part of Cary’s map of 1837 showing the route of the canal along with part of the Croydon Canal (Click on image to enlarge to 1280×960). London still has few canals in existence – like the Regent’s Canal in … Continue reading

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Southwark, London Borough of

Above: Outline map showing the extent of the London Borough of Southwark. It was formed of the three Metropolitan Boroughs of Bermondsey, Camberwell and Southwark. The London Borough of Southwark was formed in 1965 by combining the Metropolitan Boroughs of … Continue reading

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Honor Oak

Above: Looking east at the ‘Oak of Honor’ on a summer’s day at the top of One Tree Hill. Honor Oak is a quiet ‘unsung’ part of the SE23 post code area of Forest Hill. Those who live there know … Continue reading

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Bessemer Road

It is surprising how much history a simple street name can reveal and Bessemer Road is a good example. If you know where King’s College Hospital is situated – beside Denmark Hill – then you may also know that the … Continue reading

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Baird’s Original Equipment

Above: Baird’s original equipment on show in the Hastings Museum. Notice the large wooden wheel with lenses mounted on it (on the right). The round black object towards the left is an electric motor that turned the wheel at high … Continue reading

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Dulwich Mill Pond

Just outside the centre of the village of Dulwich is part of the dreaded South Circular Road of which this part is simply called ‘Dulwich Common’. As its name implies, the road called ‘Dulwich Common’ crosses land that was at … Continue reading

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