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Skin Market Place, Bankside

Above: A photograph of the street name plate in 1980. By that time, the name plate itself was becoming a historic item. Because it only showed the postcode as ’SE’ the name plate probably dated from before 1920. The ‘Skin … Continue reading

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Bear Garden, Southwark

Above: A small part of Claes van Visscher’s Panorama of London (1616) showing the Bear Garden on Bankside. Bankside was the main entertainment district for London in Tudor times and this tradition carried on well beyond the death of Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Founders’ Arms Pub, Hopton Street

Above: The Founders’ Arms pub shortly after being opened. The pub has fine views across the Thames towards the City of London. In the 1960s, the western end of the street called Bankside was a very unused area, with old … Continue reading

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Bankside Power Station

Above: High view of the power station in the 1970s. Notice the old coal-jetty on the Thames which was by then no longer in use. There are plenty of people still around who call the building by its old name. … Continue reading

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Bankside – Quick Look Around

Above: Looking east (probably from Southwark Bridge) at part of the street called Bankside in about 1950. To the right of the pile of boxes in the distance is the entrance to the Anchor Tavern. Notice the steam engine on … Continue reading

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Old Thameside Inn, Clink Street

Above: Looking west at the entrance and open air beer terrace. The Thames is to the right. The pub is within the floodlit brick building. This is a riverside pub which, in spite of the name containing the word ‘Old’, … Continue reading

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Clink Prison

Above: Drawing of the prison in c1578 ‘In the Clink’ or ‘In Clink’ is a phrase known throughout the English-speaking world meaning ‘to be locked up in prison’. To many people it conjures up a grim overbearing prison, probably with overtones … Continue reading

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