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Bull Inn, Leadenhall Street, at Christmas

Above: A stagecoach arriving at the Bull Inn, laden not with passengers but with poultry to be sold in Leadenhall Market just before Christmas. This is an interesting print but you will have to look carefully because it is crammed … Continue reading

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Stagecoach from Norwich just before Christmas

The painting shows an unexpected use for a stagecoach which is making its way from Norwich to London. The print was published in 1820. The artist is unknown. Six horses are drawing the coach on a snow-covered plain. A driver … Continue reading

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Slingsby Place at Christmas

Above: Looking SE along Slingsby Place, a narrow alleyway near Seven Dials. Like many other cities and towns across Britain in December, London always puts on a good display to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. One well-known location is Trafalgar … Continue reading

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Driving Livestock in Winter

Above: The decorative sign in Attleborough, in Norfolk. Now that we have all had our Christmas Dinner, did you even consider how the chicken or the turkey arrived on your plate? ‘Simple’ you reply, ‘It was bought in a Sainsbury’s … Continue reading

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Campden Hill Square on Christmas Eve

Above: A residential house with candles to be seen at the windows. Campden Hill Square – whose spelling should not be confused with locations in Camden which is another part of London completely – is actually a rectangular piece of … Continue reading

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Piccadilly Walk before Christmas

Above: Piccadilly Arcade, decorated for Christmas shoppers. “Reminiscing the Past” Nothing stays the same. That’s for sure. Because the date of Christmas is a fixture, when that time of the year comes around it is a reminder of times past … Continue reading

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Savoy Theatre and the Fairy Lights

Above: Plaque on the rear wall of the Savoy Theatre. It is to be seen in Carting Lane. The fact that the Savoy Theatre in the Strand became the first public building in the world to be lit entirely by … Continue reading

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Somerset House Skating Rink

Above: Looking north in the courtyard of Somerset House at the skating rink. There is something about skating on ice that obviously appeals to people. Within the last few years, as a result of the Crossrail project, two bone skates … Continue reading

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Covent Garden at Christmas

Above: Looking east in Charles Fowler’s 1830 neo-classical building bedecked with the Christmas decorations of greenery looking like giant mistletoe. Covent Garden began life as a specially laid out square. The concept was that it would be laid out as … Continue reading

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Boar’s Head Feasting

Above: The original stone sign of the Boar’s Head Tavern, Eastcheap. The stone, dated 1668, must have been made for the exterior wall of the tavern that was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London (1666). When the tavern was … Continue reading

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