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St Olave’s Grammar School – Classroom Painting

“Reminiscing the Past” For my secondary education, I attended St Olave’s Grammar School. The full name of the school was ‘St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School’ because two schools were combined in Victorian times to form a new foundation. … Continue reading

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Evelina Hospital Memories

Above: An obviously posed picture, dated 1896, taken at Christmas time. The ward was decorated in a festive way for the children. ‘Reminiscing the Past’ The year 2019 sees the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the … Continue reading

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Piccadilly Walk before Christmas

Above: Piccadilly Arcade, decorated for Christmas shoppers. “Reminiscing the Past” Nothing stays the same. That’s for sure. Because the date of Christmas is a fixture, when that time of the year comes around it is a reminder of times past … Continue reading

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Kingsland Road in the 1930s

Above: Hoarding surrounding a development at the Elephant and Castle. Reminiscing the Past I was waiting for a bus at the Elephant and Castle traffic interchange a few months ago and I noticed a large drawing of a pink elephant … Continue reading

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Baird’s Original Equipment

Above: Baird’s original equipment on show in the Hastings Museum. Notice the large wooden wheel with lenses mounted on it (on the right). The round black object towards the left is an electric motor that turned the wheel at high … Continue reading

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River Trip for Anaesthetists

Above: A sunset seen from London Bridge on a long summer evening. “Reminiscing the Past” Every year for 25 years I used to charter a river boat and take about 150 people down-river to the Thames Barrier (and back again!) … Continue reading

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Tooley Street Flashback 02

Above: Looking east along Tooley Street. The camera is probably situated at the eastern end (lower end) of Duke Street Hill. The photo is copyright British Pathe. “Reminiscing the Past” Looking at the above image it is probably obvious why … Continue reading

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Tooley Street Flashback 01

Above: An old photo (which has been enhanced to bring out the details) showing the original lettering on the old Hay’s Wharf Offices. The photo is copyright British Pathe. “Reminiscing the Past” When you have known the buildings in a … Continue reading

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Peter of Colechurch and his Seal

Above: The Seal of Peter, showing him praying at a small altar. It may possibly depict the altar in the Chapel of St Thomas the Martyr on London Bridge. Around the edge is the inscription (translated) ’Seal of Peter Priest … Continue reading

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Druid Street Railway Arches

Above: Druid Street is hardly scenic, this view looks west along the wide railway arches leading towards London Bridge Station. These arches are a short distance east of Tower Bridge Road. “Reminiscing the Past” The story I am about to … Continue reading

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