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Liberties Without the Walls

Above: Map showing the Roman Wall of the City, the modern boundary of the City and the main Liberties that lay outside the Roman Wall (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). The City of London came about as the continuation … Continue reading

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Stairs (Water)

Above: Wapping Old Stairs, leading to the river from Wapping High Street. They are on the west side of Oliver’s Wharf. The stairs and causeway are a good example of water stairs beside the Thames. This is one of the … Continue reading

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Subjects (Help Notes)

The ‘Know Your London’ Web pages cover topics related to Inner London (which includes the City of London, the City of Westminster and the other eleven Inner London Boroughs). Just a few topics are drawn from some of the Outer … Continue reading

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Domesday Book

Above: Part of a typical page from the Domesday Book. On the first line of the new paragraph can be seen the name for ‘Greenwich’ (highlighted by the scribe with a red line through it). The following line shows the … Continue reading

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Islands in London

Above: An outline map of Inner London detailing the places mentioned in this article. Inner London is, in general, a continuous land mass. Running through it – on an approximate east-west axis – is the River Thames which also has … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Words

We tend to take the words we speak for granted. In the same way that the branch of a tree divides into smaller and smaller branches, so words that we use today have derived from other earlier words. There is … Continue reading

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Driving Livestock in Winter

Above: The decorative sign in Attleborough, in Norfolk. Now that we have all had our Christmas Dinner, did you even consider how the chicken or the turkey arrived on your plate? ‘Simple’ you reply, ‘It was bought in a Sainsbury’s … Continue reading

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