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Battersea Railway Bridge

Above: Looking at Battersea Railway Bridge from Wandsworth Bridge. St Mary, Battersea, can be seen in the centre of the view (above one of the piers). You might think that a relatively narrow railway bridge crossing the Thames at Battersea … Continue reading

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Battersea Bridge

Above: Looking at the west side of the present Battersea Bridge from the Battersea side of the Thames. Today’s Battersea Bridge is the second on the present site. The first bridge on the site was erected 1771-73 as a toll-bridge … Continue reading

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Deptford Creek Pedestrian Swing Bridge

Above: View of the footbridge from the Greenwich side, looking west towards Deptford. The bridge is in its ‘normal’ position, when in use by pedestrians. When ‘open’, it swings to the left (on this vew) through 110 degrees and rests … Continue reading

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Fleet, River

Above: Part of a painting by Samuel Scott, about 1750, looking across the Thames at the mouth of the River Fleet. The spire of St Bride’s church is on the left. The City of London evolved into the piece of … Continue reading

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Tower Bridge from Elephant Stairs

Above: View of Tower Bridge using a high-power zoom from Elephant Stairs. The view was taken taken on 20 April 2013 from a vantage point some distance down-river of Tower Bridge known as Elephant Stairs. At this point it is … Continue reading

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River Trip for Anaesthetists

Above: A sunset seen from London Bridge on a long summer evening. “Reminiscing the Past” Every year for 25 years I used to charter a river boat and take about 150 people down-river to the Thames Barrier (and back again!) … Continue reading

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Chambers Wharf in 1973

Above: Part of the riverside of Bermondsey in 1973. Older people are often heard to say ‘It wasn’t like that in my day’. In many cases they are referring to minor changes that they have noticed throughout their lives. In … Continue reading

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