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Canary Wharf from the Cable Car

The Emirates Airline Cable Car (also called the London Cable Car) travels high over the River Thames – from near North Greenwich Station to the Royal Victoria Dock. Originally sponsored by the Dubai-based airline Emirates when it opened in 2012. … Continue reading

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Canary Wharf from Bermondsey

If you look at a map of the River Thames, you will see that the riverbank at Rotherhithe faces east towards the Canary Wharf Estate on the Isle of Dogs. However, if you stand on the Bermondsey riverfront (which is … Continue reading

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Faraday, Michael at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Above: The shed is a reminder of the time Faraday spent at the wharf working on lighthouses. Michael Faraday’s work in the practical application of science was connected with lighthouses. Between 1836 and 1865, he was the scientific adviser to … Continue reading

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Trinity Buoy Wharf

Above: Trinity Buoy Wharf, with the lighthouse, seen from the south bank of the Thames. The land had been an estate called Orchard House Estate which took its name from the Orchard House, a moated property comprising a house and … Continue reading

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Virginia Settlers Memorial

Above: The memorial from a river boat. The apartments behind are so banal that they look like council houses but they are actually expensive properties. The development is called Virginia Quay. The stone memorial was erected in 1928 by the … Continue reading

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Regent’s Canal (Background Page)

Above: An attractive piece of public art near the towpath of the Regent’s Canal, showing a horse that once pulled narrowboats in the 19th century. Running roughly N–S through the centre of England is the Grand Union Canal. Its main … Continue reading

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Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Above: The domed entrance to the foot tunnel at the Greenwich end. There is an identical structure near Island Gardens. There are plenty of ways for a pedestrian to cross the River Thames. As well as the many road bridges, … Continue reading

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Island Gardens

Above: Island Gardens with Greenwich riverfront in the background. Island Gardens is a public park located at the southern end of the Isle of Dogs. The Isle of Dogs is usually just called ‘The Island’ by the locals and so … Continue reading

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Christ Church, Cubitt Town

Above: Christ Church with its attractive spire. The locality on the Isle of Dogs called Cubitt Town lies to the SE. It was named after William Cubitt, Lord Mayor of London (1860–62) who was responsible for the development of the … Continue reading

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Cascades Tower

Above: Cascades Tower with its sloping side. In the 1980s, when the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) was only just starting it had the task of creating a ‘new world’ in the derelict Docklands area. Londoners became used to tall … Continue reading

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