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Above: An old street nameplate for one of the last streets in Ratcliffe to carry the name of the ancient hamlet. Ratcliffe was one of several hamlets beside the Thames in Tudor times. It was one of 21 Tower Hamlets … Continue reading

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Regent’s Canal Route

Above: An attractive piece of public art near the towpath of the Regent’s Canal, showing a horse that once pulled narrowboats in the 19th century. Running roughly N–S through the centre of England is the Grand Union Canal. Its main … Continue reading

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Prusom’s Island

Above: An old cast-iron nameplate at the western end of today’s Prusom Street. The right-hand end has been damaged. It is mounted on the corner wall of a pub called the White Swan and Cuckoo. The two lamps, used to … Continue reading

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King’s Brewhouse, Stepney

Above: Part of a map by Braun and Hogenberg, 1572. The King’s Brewhouse, Stepney For anyone seeking a visual impression of how Tudor London once looked, a good place to start is with the so-called ‘Agas Map’ which, from the … Continue reading

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Keepier Wharf

Above: Keepier Wharf in dark brick (to the left of the view) in use as 25 flats, photographed in 2018 from the south side of the Thames. Today, the address of Keepier Wharf is 12 Narrow Street. The wharf is … Continue reading

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St Clare, Abbey of

Above: The Abbey as it appears on the Agas map of about 1561. The Roman Wall can also be seen along the medieval gateway called Aldgate. Drawn on the west side of the Abbey is a wide cart-track, known as … Continue reading

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Wapping Station Murals

Above: Photograph of the station roundel alongside one of the murals – a delightful view of Wapping High Street in which the station is situated. The large curved Victorian warehouse is known as Gun Wharves. Wapping Station used to be … Continue reading

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Wapping River Police Pier

Above: Looking downriver from Fountain Green. ‘These days the Thames is dead’ – were the words of a river-historian when interviewed in a documentary about life working on the Thames below Tower Bridge. Compared with even the 1960s, when large cargo … Continue reading

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Woodward Fisher

Above: Looking across the Thames at Woodward Fisher’s yard. In front of the old blue woodwork on the shore are lighters owned by Woodward Fisher. The view was taken from near the old Rotherhithe Fire Station in June 1976. Detailed … Continue reading

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Worcester House, Stepney Green

Above: Print of the Gatehouse, with entrance gateway, of Worcester House, published in 1791. The open ground in front is part of Stepney Green. By the end of 2018, London will have a new railway called Crossrail during its construction … Continue reading

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