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Elephant and Castle Pub, Vauxhall

Above: The Elephant and Castle pub at Vauxhall Cross. The sign has a ’twist’ to it in that the castle on the elephant’s back is in shape of one found on chess board. Although it sounds like a strange name … Continue reading

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Vauxhall as a Place Name

Above: Modern map showing the original site of Falkes Hall. It would seem that Vauxhall Cross – the place where Vauxhall Station, Vauxhall Bus Station and all the traffic trying to pass through the large intersection that grinds to a … Continue reading

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Vauxhall Station Railway Bridge

Above: The southern side of the very wide railway bridge. If you have ever used Vauxhall Station you will know what a busy place it is, mainly because it is the last station on the railway lines that run into … Continue reading

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Vauxhall Bridge

Above: Vauxhall Bridge shown on Stanford’s map of 1878. Vauxhall Bridge is an interesting subject because there are several aspects of it that are unusual. The bridge was built 1811-16 of cast iron, designed by J Walker with nine equal-size … Continue reading

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Effra, River

Above: Mouth of the River Effra shown on Stanford’s map of 1878. The ‘Lost Rivers’ of London is a very large and interesting subject. If you have never considered it before then this article will describe just one of them … Continue reading

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Four Horses at Vauxhall

Above: The sculptures seen from the walkway in front of the MI6 Building, looking north. When the beach is dry, they attract many visitors who want to get near to the figures. You have to look twice at these sculptures … Continue reading

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Cart in the Thames

Above: View looking north towards Lambeth Bridge. The image was found by the sharp eye of Dave Allen. It was taken on 22 August 1935 and shows a cart almost in the middle of the Thames at a point south … Continue reading

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