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Growth of Westminster

Above: Map of Westminster shaded to show the approximate times at which the land was first laid out with streets and squares. The history of many of England’s ancient cities (like Canterbury, Lincoln and also the City of London) is … Continue reading

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Westminster (Year 2)

Above: A map showing the City of Westminster (in PINK with a RED boundary). At the top of the map are the boundaries of the old Metropolitan Boroughs of Paddington and St Marylebone. Encompassed by a YELLOW line is the … Continue reading

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Westminster (Year 1)

Above: Map showing the outline of the City of Westminster. The four-letter codes represent PICC — Piccadilly; STJJ — St James’s; STRA — Strand; WEST — Westminster; WHIT — Whitehall. Along the top are PADD — Paddington; and STMM — St Marylebone. … Continue reading

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London – Saxon London

Above: Map representing the City about AD 700 – showing the extent of the early Saxon settlement called Lundenwic. The Strand runs near the Thames and further north is Holborn and High Holborn. The curved road entering the orange area … Continue reading

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Westminster (Year 6)

Above: Outline map (red line) of the City of Westminster from Google maps. Before 1965 the land consisted of three Metropolitan Boroughs – Westminster (also known as the ‘City of Westminster’), Paddington and St Marylebone. Most of the important factors … Continue reading

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Crossrail Pictures and Videos

Above: Artist’s impression of the new Crossrail trains which will be 200 metres long. The carriages are longer than on other trains with three doors each side of the carriage (instead of the normal two). A very topical subject at … Continue reading

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Westminster – The Three Names

Above: Outline map of the boundary of today’s City of Westminster (red line). Two Roman roads (brown lines) are shown. Parts of those two roads are known today as Oxford Street and Edgware Road. Towards the bottom right corner of … Continue reading

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