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Westminster, Manor of

Above: Outline map of the Manor of Westminster in medieval times. In AD 959 the Saxon King Edgar defined the boundary of the Manor of Westminster as mid-stream in the Thames to the south; following the course of the Westbourne … Continue reading

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Great Exhibition Commemorative Plaques

Above: The site of the Great Exhibition is now a grassed open area, lined by trees. The aerial view shows part of Hyde Park. Part of The Serpentine is at the top right. Part of the road through the park … Continue reading

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Hyde Park

Above: A view of Hyde Park and The Serpentine from the road bridge. The name Hyde is unusual to anyone hearing it for the first time. For Londoners, they are probably so familiar with the name that they have probably … Continue reading

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Knightsbridge Green

Above: A print showing what Knightsbridge Green looked like about 1820. Knightsbridge today is the location of some of the most expensive properties in London. Large impressive buildings – in the form of offices, residential blocks, shops or hotels – dominate … Continue reading

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Knightsbridge – Quick Look Around

Above: The area of Knightsbridge is on the south side of Hyde Park. Notice the thin RED line which is part of the boundary of the City of Westminster. Knightsbridge as a Name There are many things that we still … Continue reading

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Mayfair Inns from Yesterday

Above: The most unusual name of the six described in this article. Mayfair is not short of pubs. There are about 30 pubs in the area, some modern and some old. This blog concentrates on what were probably coaching inns … Continue reading

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Cabmen’s Shelter, Hanover Square

Above: The Cabmen’s Shelter in Hanover Square looking rather sorry for itself due to the continuing (2019) works in the square, partly due to the construction of Crossrail. Cabmen’s Shelters are an interesting part of London’s history. They relate to … Continue reading

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Burlington Arcade

Above: The southern end of Burlington Arcade which faces onto Piccadilly. Central London once had many arcades of shops which, with the passage of time, have gradually diminished in number. Today, the number of arcades is probably just over 10. … Continue reading

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Porter’s Rest, Piccadilly

Above: Looking east in Piccadilly at the original 150-year old Porter’s Rest, photographed in 2009. Porter’s rests were once a common sight in London. They were to be found beside the main routes into the centre of the capital and … Continue reading

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Dorchester Hotel

Above: The Dorchester Hotel. The large plane tree in front of the hotel is on the right. If asked to name some of the famous hotels in London, the Dorchester Hotel would certainly be near the top of the list … Continue reading

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