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Westminster, Manor of

Above: Outline map of the Manor of Westminster in medieval times. In AD 959 the Saxon King Edgar defined the boundary of the Manor of Westminster as mid-stream in the Thames to the south; following the course of the Westbourne … Continue reading

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Westminster Medieval Riverside

Above: Map showing the main places of interest near the Thames in medieval Westminster (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). “Mini Lecture” Westminster’s Oldest Areas The parts of Westminster that lie beside the River Thames are some of the oldest sites … Continue reading

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Rocque’s Large Scale Map – River Procession

Above: The long river procession passing Somerset House (Click image to enlarge to 1280×800). John Rocque must have been a very interesting man. We don’t know a great deal about him – apart from the obvious fact that he was … Continue reading

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St Martin’s Lane by Evening Light

Above: View looking south in St Martin’s Lane (Click on image to enlarge to 1024×640). St Martin’s Lane is an ancient street that runs N-S, connecting with Trafalgar Square at its NE corner. Before the square was laid out, St … Continue reading

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Hotel Metropole, Northumberland Avenue

Above: Painting on a postcard looking NW from the Thames end of Northumberland Avenue. It was advertising material for the three hotels and also showed Nelson’s Column in the distance. In these days of international travel, London is an important … Continue reading

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Savoy Theatre and the Fairy Lights

Above: Plaque on the rear wall of the Savoy Theatre. It is to be seen in Carting Lane. The fact that the Savoy Theatre in the Strand became the first public building in the world to be lit entirely by … Continue reading

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Oranges and Lemons

Above: The tower and church of St Clement, Eastcheap, seen from the eastern end of today’s Cannon Street and looking north at the church which is ‘tucked into’ Clement’s Lane. You may remember the nursery rhyme that goes . . … Continue reading

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Somerset House Skating Rink

Above: Looking north in the courtyard of Somerset House at the skating rink. There is something about skating on ice that obviously appeals to people. Within the last few years, as a result of the Crossrail project, two bone skates … Continue reading

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Charing Cross Station in Edwardian Days

Above: Passengers arriving at Charing Cross Station. When was the last time you got off a train at Charing Cross Station and you saw so few passengers on the platform? By the look of the train it was probably made … Continue reading

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Covent Garden at Christmas

Above: Looking east in Charles Fowler’s 1830 neo-classical building bedecked with the Christmas decorations of greenery looking like giant mistletoe. Covent Garden began life as a specially laid out square. The concept was that it would be laid out as … Continue reading

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