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Horse Ferry, Lambeth

Above: Painting made in 1710 of the horse ferry between Lambeth and Westminster. It can be seen that it was in the form of a raft and, in this case, is conveying a coach and two horses. Lambeth Palace is … Continue reading

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Vauxhall Bridge

Above: Vauxhall Bridge shown on Stanford’s map of 1878. Vauxhall Bridge is an interesting subject because there are several aspects of it that are unusual. The bridge was built 1811-16 of cast iron, designed by J Walker with nine equal-size … Continue reading

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Hay Barges on the Thames

Above: View of St Paul’s Cathedral with a hay barge in the foreground. At one time in London (when we were younger than we are now) there were many small petrol stations to be found, making filling up the car … Continue reading

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Crossrail Pictures and Videos

Above: Artist’s impression of the new Crossrail trains which will be 200 metres long. The carriages are longer than on other trains with three doors each side of the carriage (instead of the normal two). A very topical subject at … Continue reading

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Palace of Westminster by Brewer

Above: The amazingly detailed drawing by Brewer of the Palace of Westminster, showing how it would have looked about 1500. Henry William Brewer (1836-1903) was a London based architectural illustrator active in the late 19th century. Brewer is little known … Continue reading

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Westminster – The Three Names

Above: Outline map of the boundary of today’s City of Westminster (red line). Two Roman roads (brown lines) are shown. Parts of those two roads are known today as Oxford Street and Edgware Road. Towards the bottom right corner of … Continue reading

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Royal Aquarium, Westminster

Above: The large ornate building, which faced towards Westminster Abbey across Victoria Street, looks rather like a Victorian station. Originally known as the ‘Royal Aquarium and Winter Garden’ it opened on 22 January 1876. It stood in Tothill Street, almost … Continue reading

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Victoria Tower by Moonlight

Above: A moonlight night in Westminster, with the Victoria Tower in the background. Standing under a street lamp, a woman watches a man walk away. The attractive painting is by Yoshio Markino (1869–1956), a Japanese artist and author who spent … Continue reading

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Cart in the Thames

Above: View looking north towards Lambeth Bridge. The image was found by the sharp eye of Dave Allen. It was taken on 22 August 1935 and shows a cart almost in the middle of the Thames at a point south … Continue reading

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Christ Church, Broadway, Westminster

Above: Looking west, with Victoria Victoria Street on the left, at the junction with Broadway, where Christ Church Gardens can be seen. If you walk down Victoria Street, from Westminster Abbey, you will eventually come to a cross-roads with the … Continue reading

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