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This page provides some background to the blogs. It is also is intended to help the reader understand the structure to the blogs. They all relate to the Metropolitan Boroughs which became London Boroughs.

Know Your London Lectures

I have been lecturing on the subject of Inner London and conducting walks around the same area for more years than I care to remember. A sequence of lectures was devised as a six-year course to explain what I call the ‘areas of study’. Each ‘area of study’ might be one or more City Wards, or a part of the City of Westminster, or a Metropolitan Borough. The walks acted as guided tours for each area of study.

At the time of writing (in August 2017) I estimate that I have completed the six-year course at least six times (the following dates may not be entirely accurate). It first started in September 1978. A new course started in September 1984, then September 1990, then September 1996. After a gap of a year (2003-04), the course restarted in September 2004, then September 2010, then September 2017.

Now that I give fewer lectures than I used to, I have continued to ‘lecture’ using the Know Your London blogs. There are also less walks now but I still have a group which meets each month. This means that the six-year course continues – albeit in a reduced form. The blogs are still following the six-year course, which covers the City of London and the 12 Inner London Boroughs – one of them being what is more correctly called the City of Westminster.

Instead of delivering a two-hour lecture for about 30 weeks each academic year – during the six-year course – each ‘lecture’ has been adapted into a blog with one or more images and a descriptive text. Many of the blogs are taken from highlights of what my group is told during our monthly meetings.

Know Your London Course

The original course was divided up into three academic terms and over the whole academic year, we covered part of the City of London, part of the City of Westminster and two of the other London Boroughs.

City of London • Lectures on the City relate to its 25 City Wards. Each year (over the six-year course) a group of City Wards is chosen as the area of study. Over those six years, the history all the City Wards is explained.

City of Westminster • Lectures about Westminster relate to six areas of study, covering the whole of Westminster over six years.

London Boroughs • Once the City of London and Westminster are removed from the boundary of Inner London, that leaves eleven more Inner London Boroughs to lecture on. Because the outline plan for all these lectures uses the old Metropolitan Boroughs as the boundaries, at least four Metropolitan Boroughs are lectured on during each of the six years. For example, the London Borough of Lewisham is divided into the old Metropolitan Borough of Deptford and the old Metropolitan Borough of Lewisham. Smaller areas of study make understanding London’s history much easier. Note that further details about the boroughs are explained under two of the blogs: ‘London – Metropolitan Boroughs’ and ‘London – London Boroughs’.

Know Your London Blogs

If you want to get to know London, you could just start by reading the blogs. They are not in a particular order and that might be a rather confusing process. The best place to start is at the top of the ‘Index’ page and take a look at the blogs which all start with ‘London –’. They will give you an introduction to how London developed. You will be introduced to the names of the Metropolitan Boroughs and how they developed into London Boroughs.

If you are looking for a particular area, look in the ‘KYL Index’ to see if the place name (for example, ‘Fulham’) has a blog titled ‘Fulham Overview’. Each area of study will have an ‘Overview’ as the blogs are being written. At the moment, only a few of these blogs have been completed but they will grow in number eventually. After reading the ‘Overview’ blog, then look again in the ‘KYL Index’ to find blogs relating to the area of study.