Putting It All Together

What is the purpose of pages called ‘Putting It All Together’?

For those who follow the blogs as they are published each week – when an area of study is being described (like Bermondsey or Hackney) – the blogs follow each other as they are published for that area of study. At other times, the blogs are published in a random fashion. You may not be aware that all the blogs relate to one of the areas of study defined within the large piece of land that is called Inner London.

The pages listed under ‘Putting It All Together’ show the reader the important blogs related to an area of study. Each ‘Putting It All Together’ page applies to an area of study. The pages will build up with time.

The ‘Putting It All Together’ page for Bermondsey is the first one to be written and it will give you some idea of the purpose of these pages. Studying the whole of Inner London is quite a task. Understanding how everything fits together is an even greater task. Each blog contains a detailed explanation of a particular topic. The ‘Putting It All Together’ pages will help make the blogs seem less disjointed and show how they are contributing to the understanding of the total history of a particular area of study.

What is an ‘Area of Study’?

The City of London – Because there is so much history bound up with the City, it has been divided into 13 separate ‘Areas of Study’.

The City of Westminster – This is also packed full of history and is divided into seven ‘Areas of Study’.

Inner London – In addition to the two cities just mentioned there are another 11 Inner London Boroughs which were once smaller administrative units called Metropolitan Boroughs. Each London Borough has an ‘Area of Study’ named after the original Metropolitan Boroughs – making another 27 ‘Areas of Study’.

When everything has been completed, there will be 27 (13 + 7 + 27) pages with explanatory notes called ‘Putting It All Together’.