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The whole Website is made up of many blogs and a few extra pages, forming a complex set of articles relating to Inner London. If you are in a hurry to look at the history of London then start with the Category list (on the right-hand side of the Webpage) marked . . .

/Metropolitan London History

This gives a general introduction to the history of the London area. Look for this Category, click on it and read through the blogs that are listed. They will help you understand the structure of London along with a description of how it developed.

To get general information about a part of London, select the Category marked . . .


This page will bring up Overviews for places like Fulham or Stepney. Each Overview gives a brief general history of the area. New Overview topics are being added to the Website on a regular basis.

If you then go to the Category marked /Fulham or /Stepney in the long list you will be provided with all the places for which a blog has been written. New blogs are being added week by week.