Bermondsey was once a Metropolitan Borough which, in 1965, was combined with two other – the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell and the Metropolitan Borough of Southwark – to for the London Borough of Southwark. It will be noted that the name ‘Southwark’ was used for the old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark and for the present London Borough of Southwark.

Bermondsey Overview – To obtain a brief idea of Bermondsey, start with the overview. The entire history of Bermondsey was as two pieces of land – Bermondsey (in the west) and Rotherhithe (in the east) – which were separate parishes.

Bermondsey Abbey – The place that had the largest influence on the history of Bermondsey was Bermondsey Abbey.

(St Mary, Bermondsey) – needs to be added.

St Mary, Rotherhithe – has been completed.

(Surrey Commercial Docks) – this topic has not been fully discussed in the blogs. A few topics that have been covered are Albion Dry Dock; Greenland Dock; Norwegian Church, Rotherhithe; and Deal Porters (Public Art).

Bermondsey has a long riverfront, with many of the wharves already with their own blog including Courage Brewery; Hay’s Galleria; Mills and Knight; Chamber’s Wharf; South Wharf; Rotherhithe; Rotherhithe Warehouses; Braithwaite and Dean; and Topping’s Wharf.

Tooley Street – an important topic with a few blogs already written. See also Potter’s Fields; Hay’s Galleria; Pickle Herring Stairs; St Saviour’s Dock; A Restaurant Calle Brigade; and Topping’s Wharf.

London Bridge Station – another important topic for Bermondsey and also for railway history in general. There are several blogs to be looked at.

Remember that by clicking on the ‘Sou-Bermondsey’ Category (on the right-hand side of the Webpage you can list all the blogs related to Bermondsey (which will also include Rotherhithe). These notes were written in February 2019.